ASSHOLEPARADE "Welcome Fucking Home"


No Idea Records

Sold Out

No Idea Release NIR-273
Released: August 20, 2009

Contained herein are seven shards of thrash fury, both raging and devastating! Additional weight for sensitive pressure points: a solidstate Download Code for your iPod glands and two colors of vinyl (Opaque Blue or Transparent Goldenrod, limited to 500 each) for your Ebay ligaments. Yes. The apocalypse is upon you!

Asshole Parade:
Travis Ginn - vocals
Jon Weisberg - drums
Matt Sweeting - guitar
Darren Kucera - bass
Tony Marquez - guitar

Recorded on and off at a few versions of Crescendo Sound Studios by Derron Nuhfer and Addison Burns.

1. Lesson One
2. Soldiers IV
3. Vast Air
4. Big Death
5. Much Preesh
6. Freedom Fighters
7. Lesson Two