AJJ / O PIONEERS!!! "Split"


No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-263
Released: February 15, 2011

January 2017: We got FIVE of these 10" back in a return... whooo for yoooou!

NEW PRESSING: May the Fourth be with you, 2015: 240 copies on some color or other pressed as a 10" for unknown reasons. Cover art very similar, but with a white border... so drastically different for all the collector nerds. Of course, that is silly. You don't really need another copy of this record. However, THAT lady over there... she really should get one. Same with the guy on the phone in the corner. He CERTAINLY needs a copy to take home and cherish.

Who knows when the heck we will have more of these after this round?!?

• This here gets a download link emailed to you. It's 192 kbps. Deal with it. But don't try to download it straight to a phone or tablet. Use a flipping computer!

AJJ are well known for their sandwiches and also for being an acoustic duo. O PIONEERS!!! have a penchant for exclamations, and this record contains quite a few, clarified with loud amps. Use the included download code and you be confronted by SIX monstrous STUDIO SONGS. If you defeat them, an antechamber containing 35 BONUS TRACKS presents itself! Witness OP live at HARVEST OF HOPE with NEW BRUISES as the backing band! Skulk in the shadows while AJJ regales a talkative gaggle of humans at Bottom of the Hill during their hour long set!

Ben Gallaty and Sean Bonnette.
Recorded by Jalipaz at Audioconfusion in Mesa, AZ

Eric Solomon - guitar/vocals
Aaron Zorgel - guitar Justin
Taylor - bassisms
Sam Sutherland - drums
Recorded by Steve Rizum at Drive Studio

1. AJJ "This is Why I'm Hot"
2. AJJ "¡Esto Es Lo Quiero!" (This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb)
3. AJJ We're All Gonna Die"
4. OP "Get Rich or Die Trying, Part 2: Forever"
5. OP "Oak Island"
6. OP "Party Time, Yeah"

O PIONEERS!!!: 8 live songs recorded at Harvest Of Hope.
AJJ: 27 live songs recorded at Bottom of the Hill.