SAMIAM "Clumsy" (Europe!)


No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-356
LP Released: August 15, 2018

• We are pleased to announce this re-pressing of "Clumsy" worldwide... EXCEPT for North America! 

• We have a small quantity of the three European Exclusive colors available. When they are gone, they are GONE!

• Orange = sold out.

The U.K. exclusive colors are available from Unless You Try: here

  • Around 150 of each color pressed!
  • Re-cut in 2018 and with newly updated artwork by Sergie!

Jason Beebout (vocals)
Sergie Loobkoff (guitar)
James Brogan (guitar)
Aaron Rubin (bass)
Victor Indrizzo (drums) 

1. As We're Told 
2. Capsized 
3. Stepson 
4. Bad Day 
5. Tag Along 
6. Routine 
7. Simca 
8. No Size That Small 
9. She's A Part Of Me 
10. Cradle 
11. Time By The Dime