No Idea Records

No Idea Release NIR-240
Released: July 22, 2008

CD comes with a 320 kbps Digital Download (a link will be emailed to you)!

"In a world where everything is falling apart, it's nice to know someone is worse off than yourself. Ha ha, okay, so I kid. But this guy Ryan must be driving himself crazy, what with all the dire hopelessness and impossibility wrapped up in his lyrics. One can only hope that this is his way of dealing with all the crap humanity sends his way. Or is he a magnet for misfortune? Combine this direct, desperate outlook with upbeat, forward- moving punk rock, and what do you have? A strangely uplifting, energetic rallying cry that - far from bogging down the listener- inspires one to get up off their ass and do something. When I need a pick me up, this is it. When I need to knuckle down & get 'er done, this is it. For you, maybe you need to kick a bad habit: this may not be for you. Or maybe... it's just what you need. (Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure Ryan is actually crazy. At least, that's what he told me.)" – Var Thelin  

Off With Their Heads:
Ryan Young: guitar, vocals
Justin Francis: drums
Nate Gangelhoff: bass
Zack: guitar, vocals

Recorded September '07 at The Devil's Workshop. Engineered by Jacques Wait. Assisted by Dan Jensen.

1. I Am You
2. Wrong
3. 1612 Havenhurst
4. Go On Git Now
5. Until the Day...
6. Keep Falling Down
7. Terrorist Attack?
8. Self Checkout
9. Fuck This, I'm Out
10. For the Four
11. Ten Years Trouble
12. I Hope You Know