blah blah SAMIAM blah blah politics food sleep September 26 2018

Hey fellow mammals,

It turns out humans DO still crave mid-90's ex-major label survivor band re-issue vinyl! Go figure! The German versions both sold out immediately, with the UK versions flying like hotcakes (with a few copies remaining, so seek them out if you dare...) We are happy to offer a small handful of the SILVER or ORANGE German versions to anyone who missed them. There are VERY FEW available, so hop to it. When they are gone, they will no longer be here. They will then be somewhere else. But not here anymore. You understand how that works, yes? Good. ...Can you explain it to ME? I forgot what i was talking about a few sentences back... zzzzzz...

SAMIAM "Clumsy" LP

Out NOW ...but here's the catch: it is only available OUTSIDE North America! Yeah, really! That may change, but for now, "Clumsy" IS available through our pals at: