DEAD BARS... WHISKEY & Co... so close!! June 17 2017

Howdy Folks!

Finally... we have received tracking info for the DEAD BARS "Dream Gig" LPs!! Those will begin shipping June 21 to all the wonderful, loyal, and altogether fantastic folks who put in glorious pre-orders! Thank you!! We will also have a small handful of the Japanese-exclusive Green Vinyl available for uber-nerds outside of Japan! (For all those in Japan: please seek out EAGER BEAVER records!)

Another bit of exciting news: due to the completely-nuts pressing schedule at the plant (or lack of one), we have held off posting any more pre-orders... so stay tuned... we are about to post an actual JUST ORDER IT NOW for the new WHISKEY & Co."Ripped Together, Torn Apart" LP. There is a really nice mailorder exclusive color, 121 copies made. There will also be a Japanese Exclusive color as well as a German color. (There will be a tiny amount of uber-nerd-sets available for completists, as well.) More on this very soon... get ready for it!

Oh, and after the dust settled, we have added another 10 copies of the BLACK GOD "Four" 7" to the site (translucent blue vinyl).