I have been sitting on this like a hen on a nest full of eggs, except for, well the egg part… and the nest… and the hen part too. Regardless, here's some news and a little story too!
I was raging through the last layout pieces of the "Partycrasher" album, getting inserts nice and tidy and the like. Busy times; lots of early mornings working while the world was all quiet (except for Europeans who were on the same schedule, haha). Anyhow I was in a fixed position and on this day I received not one, but two demos. I superstitiously worried that they would be awful and that I might be quizzed about this later. Regardless, I played one of them. Then I played it again, twisting the earphones a little tighter, turning it up another click. Hmmm… that one song reminds me of something… not overtly, but there's a vibe in there… is it… 1982 Psychedelic Furs?!? Ha! The next one up… now this one HAS to be awful, just to balance the Earth's axis. Nope, 30 seconds in I pause it. Jennifer needs to hear this one! And she said, "This sounds like something I'd listen to." Mean Jeans, Brutal Knights, and unhinged pop-punk in general? Yes please! Right then and there I decided that the fates had indeed aligned. I asked both bands on the spot if they would do a split. Both agreed without even hearing the other band… or even knowing the other band's name! A blind date between SUNSHINE STATE (Gainesville) and DEAD BARS (Seattle) was born! (Members of these bands have been guilty of involvement with Whiskey & Co., Big Eyes, and Against Me!)
In case I have not mentioned it here, there is also ANOTHER East/West smack down, this one in the works a wee bit longer: POST TEENS and BIG EYES have a 7" EP on the way too!! Yeah, I'm totally NOT kidding! Just try not to think about it! See… it's impossible!
CREEPOID. Album. Tour. March 2014. I heard the reference lacquer… and it's a beautiful beast to behold!
RADON "28" LP has been re-mastered and re-cut by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers. Pressing plants are s-l-o-w these days, but I hope to have these swirling around the globe (or at least the swampy parts) in February.
THE TIM VERSION has a new album too. It's very quiet excellent fantastic good nice rocking rolling whatnot. And I think you will like it. It's not called "IV" though that would be good too.